Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Way To Go Genius!

I managed to make it 2 months through coaching Girl's cheer squad without seriously injuring any body parts or making a gigantic ass (*ahem*) of myself. In fact, it was all going so well. Even the things I thought were going to be impossible turned out just fine. I managed to not saying anything so terribly stupid that I couldn't possibly recover. The parents didn't look at me as though I had 2 heads.

This is the last week of practice, Saturday is the last game. I was finally starting to think that maybe I could be around people.

Then after practice I stayed to talk to some of the moms and somehow ended up telling them about how mannequins and I don't get along.

They had a good laugh and then suddenly decided it was time to leave.

Sometimes I wish I could hire someone to follow me around and tell me when to shut up.


Jenny said...

I can so relate. It's always when I let me guard down that I suddenly become the freak in the crowd.

Don't worry. It's not us...it's them.

Jay said...

Isn't that what makes people adorable though?

Mrs.X said...

If that's what makes people adorable, I'm the cutest little bunny you'll ever meet.