Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dear Girl,

Many times you have discussed your future with me. Occasionally you have even understood that this future involves you living in your own house apart from me. Other times the thought of not being under my roof seems to frighten you and you insist that you will always want to live here, with us.

There are times you seem uncertain about what your role in life will be. Is it your duty to be a mother and wife? Or are you supposed to go to college and find work? Is there a hard and defined rule to what you are meant for?

When asked at school what you want to be when you grow up, your answers have varied from swim teacher, to lawyer, police officer, amusement park employee or mother.

I want you to know that those things do not have to be exclusive of eachother.

There is no hard and defined rule for you.

No one can tell you what you are meant for my dear girl. Only you.

If there is one thing you get from me, one thing you can hold true, let it be this.

Your fate, your future, cannot be controlled by anyone else. My daughter, your fate is in your hands.

May they always be full.