Monday, August 15, 2005


My son has a new nickname. He's always been a chewy boy, but since his 2 lower teeth have come in, he has become the bite-and-run baby. Thankfully he doesn't do it while nursing. He doesn't want to lose his food. He seems to be mastering the art of the sneak attack.
Tonight I was putting him to bed. I thought he was asleep as I carried him back to his room. Then I felt this sharp little nip in my shoulder. When I pulled him back, he smiled at me. Little bugger.
He likes to do it when we're playing on the floor. He'll lean over as if he's going to pick up a toy and then quick bite my leg. Or he'll lean over as though he's getting tired then BAM! He bites my arm.
For months he's been grabbing my face and pulling me in for a 'kiss'. I come away with my face dripping wet, but I love it. Now, he bites. Not every time. He doesn't want me to know when it's coming. Just when he thinks I'm not expecting it.
He doesn't do this to Mr X or his sister, BC. Nope. For people, he only chews on me.
He does like to chew on his high chair though. And his crib.

Have you ever seen A Series of Unfortunate Events or read one of the books?
Baracuda reminds me of the little girl in those stories.