Thursday, September 21, 2006

Random Bits

Remember when I posted that great big list of Crap My Puppy Has Eaten?
Let's continue that, yes?

Dryer sheets
Welcome mat (I am trying not to read too much into this but she's eaten 2 of them now)
One screen door
The mat that her doggy bowls sit on
The cat
Girl's pink feather boa (but not the white one. Maybe because it's after labor day?)
Two flip flops. One from two different sets. (bitch)
Plastic golf club
5 socks (none from the same pair. Double bitch)
A corner of the wall in the kitchen
The cord to Hurricane's favorite little fishy light up thingy
One set of Mickey Mouse ears
A gate
My damn kitchen floor (Arrrgghhh! Bitch!)
Several diapers
One Polly pocket
A stuffed animal of indeterminate origin


I hate the waiting part of trying to conceive. I've never been that good at waiting for anything. When I was little, I used to peek at my presents, fold the tape back down and go back to bed. This was maybe 30 minutes before we were all going to wake up and open them anyway. So waiting now, over something that makes me anxious and a little scared anyway?


At cheer practice the other night, one of the girls was really grumpy. At one point, when I dared to make them repeat a cheer they had already done, she leaned over and told my daughter that I was mean.
I waited, thinking girl would agree.
She stepped out of lineup, squared off with her hands on her hips and threw her head back.

"My mom is NOT mean!"

It may have been a simple case of 'no one picks on my mom but me', but whatever. I'll take what I can get.


The bad.

Our poor Dog is dying. Auggie will be 13 in November. He's a German Shepherd/ Doberman mix. Beautiful, gentle, so terribly sweet.

He has a tumor that is pressing into his stomach. It could be a year from now. It could be 6 weeks. But it will be.

My husband is in denial. I mean, we knew this was coming. He's 13 for pete's sakes. But it's Auggie. Mr X has had him since he was just a puppy with paws too big to walk on.

He sings. Did I ever tell you that? Classical music, Enigma, No Doubt's 'Don't speak', certain commercials.

When I had my miscarriages, he would lay in the bed with me and let me cry into his fur. He laid at my feet at night and all day, just so I wouldn't be alone. When I was pregnant with Hurricane, he used to lay his head on my lap, jumping when he'd get kicked.
When Girl and I first moved in with Mr X, she would sit on his back to reach the cookies, sharing them with him. He accepted us without question.

I can't imagine this house without him.