Friday, January 19, 2007

The Infatuation Starts Early

Hurricane and I were winding our way through the grocery store, our typical Friday routine. His non-stop chatter (seriously? This kid never shuts up. He has started talking in his sleep which when added with the fact that he sleeps with his eyes partly open? Totally freaking me out) filled the store while I picked out juice boxes and bananas.
"Huck mamas?"

Hug? Yes! I love hugs! Even better when they are from him! Hug!!! (Woo-hoo exclamation points!!!!)

After 5 aisles of repeated bear hugs, I decided it was time for a new game so, I honked his nose.
It's something we've played many times before. I touch his nose and say 'honk honk', he touches mine and says 'beep'. It's silly, but it never fails to distract him until I can think of something better.
Except that this time he didn't beep my nose.
This time he grabbed my nipple in a death grip and yelled "HONK HONK!" until I fell over dead from pain (and maybe a little embarrassment).
Usually he saves his nipple crushing for when I'm changing his diaper.

Dear future Mrs Hurricane,
Yes. I know. I know. I am so sorry.