Monday, April 10, 2006

Good Night MMMMM............

To say Hurricane likes to eat is an understatement. You'd never know it by looking at him, but that kid can pack away some serious food.
Ex: Breakfast to lunch today, he had 2 pancakes, half a pear, 2 cereal bars, a handful of crackers, small bowl of chicken noodle soup, a banana, milk, cheese, a cookie and some cereal.
We can be in the middle of playing and he will lift his head and 'mmmm'? His cue that he's ready to eat.

He is ready to eat all. the. time.

So it should have been no surprise to me that reading Good Night Moon before bed would have led to this.

"Look Hurricane! A rabbit. In the great green room..... Oh ok. We can skip that page. And that one. Ok. A comb a brush and a bowl full of mush..."


"What? Mush?"


He jabbed his little fingers into the book. I turned the page.

" Goodnight nobody, Goodnight mush...."


There was a picture of this mush (and what is mush anyway? Because it really doesn't look appetizing!) in a bowl in black and white.

He stuck his finger into the book forcefully. I think he was trying to get some of the mush onto his finger for a little sample.

When that didn't work, he scooted off my lap and into the kitchen to Mr X.

"Daddy. MMMMMMM!!!!"

So now I guess I have to censor his bedtime stories for food.