Thursday, March 23, 2006

Random Bits

Damn Blogger. Damn Computer. I had this post almost all typed out and ready to go and then it vanished. This is actually my third attempt at a post tonight since I had typed out this long whiny post but then deleted it because who needs another whiny post from me when you can get a never-ending sentence? Pshaw!

*Parent/Teacher conferences were today. Girl X needs a math tutor. Correction, Girl X needed a math tutor last year. I had found this summer program for her but Mr X balked at the idea of summer school. So here we are again and I can't help thinking that if we had just done this last year, we'd be home free. And of course, the responsibility of finding a good center falls to me. Yipee. Because I'm just so damn good at research.

*Hurricane is going to like blue. If he ever decides that he hates blue, I will cry. No, first I will tell him he is wrong, then I will go crazy, then I will cry.
I am never painting that damn room again. I had to cut the painter's tape from the wall because to rip it off was to take all the paint with it. Dammit.
I can't say it enough. I hate painting. LOATH it.

*Hurricane managed to get melted chocolate chip cookie in my hair. I t was the moment I was trying to crumble it out (chocolate in the hair sucks) that I admitted defeat in regards to ever styling my hair again.

*A little piece of my soul died this morning when I was waiting for the school bus. One of Girl X's school friends (she's 10) was wearing 3 inch heeled boots. Without falling. Without even stumbling a little.
I can't walk up my driveway in sneakers without a guard rail. Shit.

*French Market Lemonade tastes like watered down lemon juice and alka seltzer. Not pleasant.

*My parent's are coming to visit this summer and YAY!!!! The last time they were here they spent several hours at the fish market spotting Bill Gates and that 'Frasier fellow'. I didn't have the heart to tell them that Bill Gates was neither asian, nor a drag queen and that the 'Frasier fellow' didn't actually live in Seattle.

*In the category of Things That Make Me Twitch and Swear A Lot..... A friend got me hooked into this Click on the bolero hat. There is a section (I think it's the bird) that has hints. You can hate on me later for it.