Monday, March 19, 2007

Um.... Hi?

Right. So I had this blog that I was sort of trying to keep up and then I got distracted by something bright and shiny and hey! Hi! How are you?
I'm still easily distracted, with or without the bright and shiny but um... that's not really that new. Anyone who has been reading this for any length of time (and holy crap! It just took me 5 minutes to type 'length of time' because I can't hit the right friggin' keys! Hey! What's that bright and shiny thing at my feet?) knows that I tend to get off track and ramble.
It's a gift. (no I can't return it, I lost the receipt)

I had my 'big' ultrasound today. The one where you can find out if there is or is not a penis.
Of all the parenting things there are to fight about, all the issues to stick your nose in and disagree with a person about, I had thought that maybe finding out the gender wouldn't be one of them.
I was so very, very wrong.
We don't want to know.
Or, more accurately, I don't want to know. Joe wants to know but he has a big blabbery mouth and would instantly tell his mother who is the World's Greatest National Broadcaster. It's as good as having flashed on the scoreboard at the Superbowl.
So we didn't find out.
The problem comes in when people (co-workers, family, friends, people I don't really know but come up to me in the supermarket and start demanding answers) ask what we're having.
And I reply, "Well, I'm hoping for a small chinchilla because they are just adorable but I think my husband wants a Packer's linebacker."
For some reason this answer just doesn't seem to satisfy them, but the thought of having to say (for the hundred millionth time) that we don't want to know and then hearing the inevitable gasps of horror? Meh. Not so appealing.
I've heard all the "Don't you want to be prepared?", "How can you stand not knowing", and "But it makes it so much easier for us!" that I can handle, thanks.
And what do you mean it makes it easier for you? Last time I checked, it was my ass expanding and bladder being pounded. I am also fairly certain you weren't there when this baby was made so please, why am I making this easier for you?
Preparation. OK. I guess it matters to some, but I don't really need any extra prep time. We have some neutral outfits and can easily pick up those gender specific things when we need to.
I just don't see what the big deal is. I like not knowing. Maybe that makes me strange, I don't care. I don't care if you find out what you're having. Whatever floats your boat. But please, leave my uterus and baby of unknown gender alone.
There. I almost feel better.
Maybe to be safe I should wear a warning sign, because the next person that says anything is getting kicked.
On the upside of things, the baby looks great and is here by named Java-baby. Despite my abhorrence of coffee, this kid seems to be on a permanent caffeine high. He or she couldn't hold still for 10 seconds and at one point, bared butt to the tech. I think I detected a little 'kiss this' in there but kept my mouth shut.

With the eyes over the face, playing peek-a-boo....

And totally pissed off. Note the legs kicking straight up. And sorry kid, but I hate olives, it just ain't happenin'.
I went with the watch. I know, it was the safer bet but what ever. I had it engraved so he can't return it which means he's just going to have to suck it up and pretend to love it!