Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pushy Pushy

We took the kids to Mariner's fanfest this weekend (Go M's!).
We've never done this before and I think I know why now. It's because people are nuts, and when it comes to their favorite players, they are even nutsier. And before you say anything, I don't care that nutsier isn't a word. It is now. Because I said it.

We got their an hour early because Mr X is also nuts. Ok, it was because he wanted to be one of the first in line. When we got there, we realized that for that to have happened we should have camped over night.
We got in line and attempted to entertain the kids for an hour. In line. While it was raining. And cold.
It was kind of like trying to catch an oiled up pig in the rain. Blindfolded. So what if I've never tried to do that, I can guarantee that is exactly what it's like.
When the line finally started moving, Mr X decided he wanted to walk into the team store right then. And have me continue on with Boy.
And I agreed.
Did I ever tell you that I am stupid?
Very. Very. Stupid.
Standing in line to let them check my bags, I had 7 people step over me to get ahead in line. When the 8th lady tried it, I finally found my voice and said something. She sighed and rolled her eyes but got behind me.
And proceeded to shove me toward the gates 'come on, come on'. I finally asked her if she'd like to go in front of me and she said 'Oh no, that's ok.'

Great. Then quit fucking pushing me.
I finally got through and had to wait in line for a voucher. See, the whole 'thing' about fanfest is getting an autograph from one of the players. The Mariners have a new catcher this year, Kenji Johjima. And everyone wanted his autograph. I got my voucher but then had to back out of the line as I couldn't take a stroller up the steps.
After getting several dirty looks, pushy lady practically jumped over me knocked into the stroller. I caught it but barely.

While still trying to back out, she decided to do the same and came straight at me, and the stroller. Again. This time, I stepped in front and spread my arms out and around the stroller. She laughed while I restrained myself, barely, from tripping her.
I found Mr X and an elevator. Unfortunately we got the elevator operated by the guy who had no idea what was going on.
At first he didn't want to take us up because he was under the impression that only people getting a certain autograph could use the elevator. We tried to explain that we couldn't take a stroller up the stairs and were directed to come to the elevators.
The doors opened and closed about 7 times before we finally convinced him that we weren't trying to sneak anything by him and that it was ok to let us go up.
when e stepped off the elevators, there was pushy lady. "Oh Hi!' so cheerfully I again had to restrain myself. From shoving her off the balcony.
We spent several hours walking around, getting free stuff (hello lunchboxes! Hello bats! Bobbleheads? I don't have a fear of bobbleheads- just please leave it in the box) and letting Girl play games.
I took the kids down to the field to run the bases and sit in the dugout. Mr X waited on the terrace, taking pictures. Unfortunately, this meant that we had to get back on the elevator. And of course, because that's just the way it works, I got Confused Guy again.

A couple of people got off and he shook his head. "I don't know what they think is down here for them. All the autographs are upstairs."
I think someone failed to tell this guy just what was going on. And maybe really should have gotten off the elevator for a little while. We went up and down twice before he finally stopped and let us off. But not before he asked if we had gotten our voucher for an autograph yet.

We did get to meet Kenji Johjima and have sign 2 bats and a ball for us. Despite the language barrier, he was very friendly.

I can't wait for the first game!