Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Coming Out

I know I'm supposed to be writing my next post about education in America but.... meh.
Kidding! I just want more time to think it over and get my thoughts in order.
In the meantime... site business!
Notice the new links on the right. Antique Mommy is pretty damn funny. Especially those posts about Tuna. I can relate.
Kill the Goat. You just have to read her. It's the law or something.

Then there's this whole business of completely changing this blog. As in, the name, reorganizing, dumping some "What the hell was I thinking" posts, and not calling myself Mrs X anymore.
Maybe actually using my name since I feel pretty damn lame and I'm almost bored with the porn hits I keep getting because apparently Mrs X is a porn star.
So, hi! I'm Megan, blogger known to attack moles with shovels and end up on ass in front of neighbors (and bastards! They're baa-aack!).
But now I need a name for my blog and I'm thinking it could be fun to see what you guys come up with.