Sunday, February 05, 2006


Yes, it's a week later and I'm still bitching about the staples and the chairs. Maybe because I still have 4 chairs to go and can only do about one a day if I'm lucky. Or maybe it's because that last chair I worked on had the most freaking staples holding the fabric on EVER. This picture does not include the 17, count 'em 17, staples I couldn't pull out. I didn't count the ones I pulled out. I just noted that it was A LOT and that all together they had a little weight. I then fantasized again about hunting down the bastard who made these chairs and beating him with the staples I had collected. Or maybe stapling him to the chair and forcing him to walk through the rest of his life with that nasty fabric because I used every damn staple in the state and he can't get free and I would stand and laugh, LAUGH I SAY, and it would be funny at first but then maybe not so much and I should probably get professional help because they're just freakin' staples but FROGS! That's a lot of staples for one chair. And it may be hard to tell because some are clumped together but trust me, it was a lot. For one little square of fabric that measured just under 2 ft by 2ft. Overkill. Even Mr X was muttering under his breath about it. Something to do with cramming said chair up someone's stapled ass? And he's usually so mellow.

And I'm not really sure which is more disturbing. All those little staples in one chair, or the fact that I took a picture of it to show you so that you would know I'm not crazy. Kind of blew that one didn't I?