Thursday, May 18, 2006


This is totally new territory for me and I'm not entirely sure what to do. Ok the not knowing what to do is pretty typical but shut up already.
With Girl X, I was too busy to even know what playgroup was.
But now? Now I am home all day with the Child Who Eats Cat and there has to be something better than eating Cat with which to occupy his time. Like painting my living room or finish attaching the new fabric to the chairs which I got bored with months ago and Mr X is all like "Are you ever going to finish this or what?" and I'm all like "Yeah, just let me teach your son how to use the staple gun and we'll be set" or he could maybe reorganize my scrapbook stuff because I don't want to.
Then I found an ad in the paper for a playgroup. Tuesdays 10-12. How bad could it be?

Did I really just ask that? Because I think if I just think back to all the occasions that Hurricane has had a chance to play with other children his age, this could get ugly.

There is his cousin who is 6 months older but smaller than him. He knocked her over and sat on her for fun. She cried and he laughed.

There is the daughter of a friend who is just 2 weeks younger than him and thinks he's the coolest thing since playdough became non-toxic. She kept hugging him and he gave her The Look and ran screaming after the first 3 hugs.

There was the boy who tried to share his toys and Hurricane happily took his truck and ran off.

Then there is his nasty habit of breaking things (my glasses) and eating things that he shouldn't (Cat, that piece of poop Mr X had to pry from his fingers before he could shove it in his mouth, my nose).

They are going to hate us, but won't it be fun?