Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No pants and I'm an asshole

After much searching and serious effort (read: thank God for Google), we have found David a preschool. There has been much excitement over his starting school (next week) and it's all he talks about (well that and going to a certain amusement park this summer where 'there will be rides and water and maybe you can come too!') day and night.
We wake up in the morning to the same one-sided conversation; "I'll go to school and make friends and learn and write my name and make letters and play and sing and it will be fun and I will not be scared because I am a big boy....." So very glad that he is confident and excited. However, there is a small problem that we have to somehow fix before then.

He has to wear pants.

The only time this boy wears pants is when we go out. To the store, the park, library... and once we are there he is asking how long it will be until he can take his pants off or would it be alright if he just took them off right now?

I give it a week before we're kicked out of preschool.


When David was a baby, he required constant motion to sleep. I do not want to even consider revisiting his sleep issues (especially since they are still there), but I remember trying to put him in his crib to sleep and it just never worked.
So, when Josie was born, I just figured that it was more of the same. Into the swing she went and it worked for the first few months. Last month, it stopped working. I was averaging 3 hours a night and it showed.
Here's where I show you what I gigantic asshole I am.

You know that large piece of furniture previously mentioned? The one with the matress and slats specially designed for babies to sleep in?

Turns out, Josie really enjoys sleeping in it.

Imagine that. A baby sleeping in her crib.

Such an asshole.