Friday, April 14, 2006

The Moment He Won

Sleep deprivation makes you do funny things. I blame the Macarana on someone's sleep deprivation.

Last night, after running for the past 3 weeks on very little sleep (I just typed that as litttlllee. I need a nap), I reached my most desperate moment.

He used to fall asleep easily. I could put him down and walk away knowing he would be out in a minute. Nap times were fairly easy too. Then he got sick and that all went to hell.

Now he's better and still doesn't want to sleep. Naps? Given up for lent.

I had a small victory yesterday when I got him to nap in his 'big-boy' bed. I thought bedtime had to be easier. Right? Am so stupid.
Bedtime is 7:30.

12:30 I was still rocking him.

Tried singing, he put his hand over my mouth. He has my knack for subtlety.

Tried letting him just cry. He started to climb out so I had to give that up.

Tried the big-boy bed. Ha! Again. Stupid.

Rock. Sing. Beg. Cry (me not him). Lay down with him.

2:30 am. Am bleary-eyed. Desperate.

"If you fall asleep right now, I will buy Elmo and chain him in your room so you can dance to 'Five, No Jive' and play with Dorothy all day."


"If you sleep for five hours straight you can have ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner."


For the first time in weeks, he slept for 6 hours straight.