Monday, January 15, 2007

Random Bits

It's January. Middle of January actually. There are 10 months until Thanksgiving. There are a lot of big things happening between then and now. I'm turning 30 (meh), my favorite BIL is getting deployed (voluntarily. I think Joe got the brains in the family) to Iraq, we're having a baby, my parents will be here to visit, my dad is turning 60, Joe's 20 year high school reunion is this summer, Bre will turn 10 (double digits- yikes!) and a host of other things we have to look forward too.
Still, I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.
Maybe because for the last 6 years straight I have prepared dinner for a bunch of ingrates who can't even take their plates to the sink. Maybe because I don't like having to prepare dinner for and then be ignored by people I'm supposed to call family. Maybe because this year, I get to tell them all to go somewhere else.
Yup. Probably that last one.
The original plan was to go to my SIL's house. The one I don't like. The one who is completely two-faced and phony. The one who trashes me to anyone who will listen but is so sweet to my face. Fuuuunnn.
For 2 months now I've been thinking of ways to get out of going (I love to plan ahead). I figured that even I could fake a good flu. Or maybe the kids could. I didn't realize that my husband had been doing the same thing.
Then I caught him on the computer looking up flights to Disneyland.
That's right in-laws. You're all going to have to find somewhere else to eat this year, we're going to Disneyland!
Even better, after realizing that he could save $1500 and it would only take 20 hours, we're driving.
Woo-hoo! A vacation with no flying involved!
It's enough to make me want to possibly someday have sex again!
I think my boobs are in cahoots to kill me. They were already way too big (in my opinion). I walk into a room about 5 minutes after they do. When I got pregnant, they seemed to take this as their cue to grow bigger. And I know that this is only the beginning. If history repeats itself (and since they have already done this twice, I don't see why this time would be any different) they will grow again this summer and then again after the baby is born and they will end up being one size larger then they were before I got pregnant.
When even my husband notices, with horror, that they have grown? There is a problem.
I am still waiting for this whole 'turning 30' thing to bother me. I'm waiting to see what happens when April rolls around. Maybe I'm saving my nervous breakdown for then.
I still have not downloaded the Christmas pictures from my camera. This is so not like me.
Ultrasound on Wednesday. I really shouldn't be anxious, but I can't help it. I asked my doctor if I could just have my epidural now instead of waiting for labor. He turned me down.
As much as my kids love playing together, I don't think I could have taken another day of it. They have spent all day yelling and arguing over toys. Weebles were hurled and doors were slammed. I separated and pleaded and tried to distract but I'm just not as much fun to play with.
At some point I'm going to put up something worth reading so all this boring stuff may be a distant memory. And possibly deleted.

One Of Those Weeks.

To Do:
1) The laundry. The massive piles of laundry which threaten to organize and take over the house in a fit of dirty rage.

2) Organize the toys. The massive piles of toys that are no longer played with which now far out-weigh the toys that are still 'cool'.

3) Dishes. How can there be so many dishes? Hurricane barely eats, Bre only eats stuff that has been pre-made and therefore does not require dishes and I just flat out can't eat. So where are they all coming from?

4) Call PTA President. Again. Because she won't call me back and I'm about to say screw it and let her handle chairing that particular project herself.

5) Set up sleepover for Bre and her friend and be grateful that it isn't our turn.

6) Make bed. Maybe if I could get out of it this would be plausible.

7) Referee children's fighting.

Things That Will Get Done:

1) Nap- mine and Hurricane's

2) Separate playtime for kids to slow the fighting.

3) Nap- mine.

4) Where did all these court shows come from?

5) Nap- mine

6) I really need to clean this bathroom. Maybe later.

7) Did you know Finding Nemo lasts the perfect amount of time for napping?