Sunday, July 10, 2005

So what would you like to know? That is the point of these things right? To vent, to tell all. It seems like writing in a diary knowing that your little brother is going to sneak in later and read it all. I guess I'll start with the basics.
I've been married for 3 years. We have 2 kids, one is 7 the other is under a year old. I have an over grown lapdog and masochist cat. I have a great extended family. My Mother-in-law is, what's a nice way to put it........ slightly less than sane. But I've actually grown to love her quirkiness. She's this little Asian lady with a loud voice. I have a hunch you'll be hearing quite a bit about her.

Today I'd like to discuss John Wayne. Or more specifically the ugly felt John Wayne painting that is in my guest bedroom closet. Mr X bought this thing about a year ago. I think at one of those police auction sites. If there is a law against bad taste, I bet that the previous owner of this painting is in for a very long time. For a few months it sat in our living room while Mr X made vague threats to hang it. Somewhere. My idea of somewhere was by the curb on trash day but I was vetoed.
Then one day it disappeared and I thought that perhaps the good taste fairy had at last smacked my dear Mr X into tossing it.
Then I went to put some sheets away in the closet and there it was staring at me.
Poor John Wayne is up there somewhere begging someone to please just shoot the thing and put it out of our misery. It's not even a nice picture of John Wayne.
Did I mention it's felt?
Yeah. Felt.
I closed the closet door and just pretended I didn't see it. I even started to forget about it after awhile. I refused to look down anytime I had to open that closet door. I was hoping that by some miracle Mr X would have forgotten that it was there too.
No such luck.
He has once again begun making threats to hang it "somewhere".
I wonder if there's a place ugly paintings go to die?