Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Things I Do For Amusement.

A couple of months ago, I had a conversation with some friends about the our kids' aversions to towers.

It used to make Hurricane crazy to see a tower of any kind in the house. It didn't matter if it was blocks or stuffed animals. He would go out of his way to immediately destroy the tower.

Die tower! Die!! AAACCCKKKKK!!

I used to wait until he was down for a nap and then I'd make little towers all over the living room just to watch him go ballistic when he woke up.

And then I got bored with it and moved onto torturing him by making him keep his clothes on and not eating Cat.

Then Girl X dug out Jenga this weekend.

Everything was fine at first.
We set up the game and started pulling out the little blocks.

Hurricane came over to see what we were doing.

I saw his little eyes narrow, trying to remember just what it was he should be doing to this thing.....

there was something......

The tower grew higher and higher.

He watched.

Just when I thought maybe he didn't care anymore, he threw down his sippy cup, screamed and threw his body at the tower as though he were protecting us from a live grenade.

Girl X's eyes got wide and she just sat back.

Hurricane, still screaming and growling, began throwing the blocks as far as his little arms could.

I think he thought that maybe if we lost a few these awful towers would never appear again.

He was oh so wrong.

Because now I remember how much fun it was to watch him go ape-shit over these things.

Even more fun?

Watching him try to destroy a tower of legos.