Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I am evil.

Mr X had a golf tournament last Friday. It was something through work he does every year. His work pays for it, he gets a free dinner and at the end of the night they have a raffle. Mr X has won something a couple of years in a row now.

So, Friday afternoon at the 8th hole. The other foreman is up to hit. Mr X sees one boss dive to the left, the other dive to the right. He looks up just in time to catch a nine iron to the face. Mr X is a pretty tough guy, not one to complain when he gets hurt unless it's bad. This knocked him flat on his butt. His gums were bruised, a little bloody. His face was swollen. He had a cut below his lip. I think he may have at least chipped his cheek bone.
He got up and was ready to continue golfing despite his boss telling him to go get checked. The other foreman felt awful, very apologetic. Mr X brushed it off as no big thing. No one else knew what had happened and they let it drop.
At the end of the night, they have the raffle. Naturally, Mr X wins something.

Want to guess what he won?

Come on, it's really not that hard....................

A nine iron.

I almost peed my pants I laughed so hard. That is why I'm evil.

I love irony.