Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just Make Her Shut Up Already.

Mr X asked if I thought his plan for getting Hurricane to sleep through the night was working or not.

I think I'm not a good person to ask about this. I'm too tired to answer really.

I guess in the sense that he isn't playing when he wakes up 3 times a night, then yeah sure. It's great. Now instead of waking up and playing poke-the-mommy, he just sticks his butt in my face or lays on my head before falling asleep.

Except last night.

We're in week 6 (I think) of the sleep strike. Last night the 'plan' wasn't working.

Last night was a brutal reminder that real life parenting and what you imagine parenting to be like before you have kids is very different.

At one point I offered to take him to a strip joint every weekend for a year after he turned 18 if he would just go to sleep.

He didn't.

When I woke up this morning he was sleeping in his toy box next to Elmo.

And as if the whole "I'm not sleeping" thing wasn't enough, he's decided to throw an eating issue into the mix.

He eats pancakes, cookies, bananas and grilled cheese sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

That's it.

All those things he used to love to eat, he now refuses.

Tonight I made him his favorite pasta and he stubbornly clamped his mouth shut, crossed his arms and glared at me.

I tried to trick him by offering a bite of banana and then slipping in the pasta, but he caught me.

So I waited until he started screaming for his banana and shoved the pasta in.

He spit the first bite out on principle but he did eat the rest.

And this is how we now get through every. meal.