Thursday, January 05, 2006

He Means Well......

Mr X is an awesome husband. He laughs hysterically at my spastic exercise face, but would never even dream of trying to capture it on film (I so would). He puts up with my inane movie chatter during his favorite flicks. He indulges me when I think it's funny to dress the kid's up like oh, say, Humpty Dumpty or a bunny even if it's not Halloween.

So I know that he really thought this was an awesome idea and for most people it would be.

He got me this pedicure set (and I asked but he said 'no, definitely pedicure') and some foot shaped sander thingy also for my feet.

Why is this odd?

Because I can't even say the word 'foot' or 'toe' without mine curling up and maybe dying a little inside.
I am extremely ticklish plus, ew. I mean, feet? Ugly and ew.
My neighbor's kid has webbed toes and she spent one of our cookouts showing them to me and I thought I would DIE!!
One of the rare, and the last, times I went to sleep without socks, Dog licked my foot. I don't know what ever possessed him to do this. I do know he still twitches everytime he sees bare feet and I can jump really high.

The thought of getting a pedicure makes me want to cry.

I know it's pathetic and just weird, but there it is.

So why would my husband do something like this? He has met me. He knows me very well.

This has to be a practical joke right?