Tuesday, April 25, 2006

In Search of A Good Lock.........

Hurricane is ticklish. Like I am. As in, breathe lightly on the back of his neck and watch him shiver and shrug and giggle.

As part of his bedtime routine, we do the full body tickle. I lay out his pj's and catch him before he can run too far away. He helps me take off his clothes. He puts his hands over his 'bebly' and smiles. I start behind his ears and trace my fingers down to his neck.
I lightly wiggle my fingers.
He grins and hunches his shoulders.
I run my fingers down his arms and lift them.
He giggles a little.
I blow raspberries along the sides of his belly all the way up.
He wiggles and laughs and eventually pushes me away.
He again covers his belly.
He smiles.
"Bebly?" He asks.
I wiggle my fingers over his belly.
His smile widens as do his eyes.
I tickle his tummy and he laughs and rolls over.
I tickle his back and he rolls back.
I trace down to his knees and tickle the little hollow at the back of his knees.
And then we get to his favorite part.
His feet.
I get a little tickle in at his toes and then Mr X takes over.
Mr X has this perfectly scratchy stubble.
He lifts his foot up to Mr X knowing exactly what is going to happen.
He is not disappointed.
His belly laughs are one of the highlights of my day.

I know it seems off topic, but bear with me because what I told you relates to our trip to Target today.

We weren't really looking for anything. We just needed to get out of the house. I skipped the cart and let Hurricane take the lead.
We wandered around the store, flittering from one shiny object to the next. He was having a grand time with the free rein over the store.
But the thing that caught his eye and caused him to stop dead in his tracks?

The pretty redheaded teen who was studying some Rimmel eyeliner.

He ran right into her legs, smiled up at her with his most disarming smile and tilted his head. When he was sure he had her attention, he lifted his shirt and offered her his 'bebly' with a wiggle of his fingers.

She laughed and obliged him with a little tickle.

I am so screwed when this boy hits puberty.