Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Because Apparently? I Have Nothing Better To Do.

Usually I trash all the spam in my bulk folder after a quick check because I know sometimes my friend's e-mails end up in there. But then one day I came across this e-mail whose subject read: Your sperm will be thankful to you if you order Spermamax.
And, like any 12 year old, I couldn't stop giggling.
So it stayed. For weeks, every time I would open my bulk folder I would see this e-mail and smirk.
Finally, curiosity got the better of me and I opened the e-mail.

And it was blank.

Blank? How can you offer me such a great promise to make my sperm oh so grateful, so beholden it may offer me tokens of appreciation. Like flowers or candy. Or something useful like a new car or a trouble free uterus.

So I googled it.

And I laughed even more and then realized that I need to grow up. There is really nothing funny about being awarded by Top Rated Penis Pills.

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Jay said...

WEll, thanks for passing it along. Apparently I'm a 12 year old too.