Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Several years ago I came across this site and have wasted many an hour laughing and groaning at every update. In the current update, though I will not tell you which one, is my own brief tale. One that is further cause for why my sister and I have such difficulty in getting along.

My appointment was cancelled this morning so I have to wait until Thursday to discuss the vertigo/migraines/maddeningly itchy legs. In the meantime, I can feel this little spawn moving and rolling.
David has taken to kissing my belly and talking to the baby. He has offered to take my belly skating and the baby can come too if she wants. He has also requested a sister, not a brother, though I believe that his older sister may have put him up to it.

Thursday morning I will be meeting with a team at Bre's school to get the results of her testing. It seems an odd thing but, I am praying that there is something. Because if there is nothing wrong with her, then what will happen to her? At the rate she's going in her education, I am afraid to contemplate that thought much further.

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