Monday, January 29, 2007

Speaking of Inevitable...........

One of the following statements is true. Can you pick out the right one?

1) Our VCR finally revolted by throwing up after one too many showings of Elmo and his Number 5 rap.

2) The toys are in on the plot with my laundry room to destroy what remains of my sanity.

3) Hurricane has returned and moved on from soggy cheerios to blocks. Because blocks go in a lot further than soggy cheerios.

And just for useless trivia's sake..........

Our VCR can hold 5 blocks (3 long, 1 triangle and one half circle), a police wall from his train set and a motorcycle puzzle piece and still be able to play that freakin' Elmo tape.

I wonder if tomorrow I can convince him to shove in a few more and possibly do a little damage.


~M~ said...

Well, I'm glad he's finding a good use for those blocks! LOL **going off to hide before you throw some of them at me. heehee**

Mrs.X said...

I think the best use so far has been when he shoved them in our bed when Joe was taking a nap. It was fun listening to him howl when he rolled over on that pile of blocks. David, naturally, thought it was hysterical!