Friday, November 04, 2005

It's a BOY!!

Every day the sun will rise and set, the tide will ebb and flow, some politician somewhere will say something stupid. And without fail, each week I will have the following conversation...........

Some random stranger- "What a beautiful little girl you have!"

Me- "Boy"

SRS- "Boy what?"

Me- "He's a boy."

SRS- "Really?"

What the hell is that?? Like, maybe I've been mistaken for the past 11 months and that's not a penis? Am I now supposed to take off his diaper to prove it to you? Because that's not going to happen.
I don't really care that they think he's a girl (Even though he's dressed in blue covered in airplanes and I'm calling him by his very boy-only name), it's that they argue with me about it.

Does he really look like a girl to you???

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