Friday, November 04, 2005

Ick! I Forever Don't..........

There are some commercials that are just so damn annoying they make your skin crawl everytime they air.
Even Dog X has a few that make him howl- literally. Sleep Country USA never fails to turn him into a raging Haller Monkey.
For me, ok there are a lot, but the one that's really annoying me right now is that one stupid jeweler commercial where the guy has his wife in some courtyard and tells her he'd marry her all over again and then she realizes that oh!, her whole family is there and wow he really means it. Awww..... how sweet, right? Yack! And the tagline? This year, tell her you forever do. Because really, the first time you said 'I do' you added 'for the next 3-5 years or until I get really bored' right?
Telling her that you weren't serious before but now that you've had a couple kids and you see nothing else is coming along? Ahh, what the hell honey, "I forever do!"
Couldn't they come up with something better?
This year, tell her you're even for using her irish linen she inherited from her great-grandmother to clean your greasy tools at work.
This year, make up for shrinking all her best clothes because you can't read labels.
*side note* I've pretty much forgiven Mr X by now for the above and he's vowed to never touch my wash again.*

I do love that Diet cherry vanilla Dr pepper commercial though. Where the woman is on a date and he's rambling on and she just starts singing that Manamana song. Love that. I wander through my day singing that in my head and only occasionally out loud.


ghartstein said...

Your post brings up a great point...some advice for young guys about to be married (advice besides "RUN!")

When "helping" your new bride with unpleasant tasks like laundry, ironing, cleaning, cooking etc, remember this rule:

If you screw it up badly enough the first time, you won't be asked to do it ever again.

Mrs.X said...

See, if I didn't know better, I'd swear he did it on purpose. But I know he wouldn't destroy an antique like that.
And guys, you will have to replace what you destroy so try to screw it up without property damage :P