Friday, December 08, 2006

For The Good Cause of Naughty Nurses

So, Jenny over at Mama Drama had a post today about hunger. Specifically, how we can help.
The Hunger Site has a special little yellow button you can click and they will donate food (at no cost to you). You can read more about that in Jenny's post, so go on and read that and then come back because I'm sure you want to know about this Naughty Nurse thing. Right? Right.

Back? Did you click? Good.

So, if we can get 200 people to post and say that they clicked, Jenny is prepared to don her Naughty Nurse costume just for the internet. (Boy there went my stats because you know how many hits I'm going to end up getting for typing Naughty Nurse? I would guess as least as many as I get for 'she had worms in her').
Even better, Jenny has agreed to accept comments here on my blog that say they clicked. But hurry up because it only counts if you comment by tomorrow night!
So go on, get clicking and commenting and spread the word!


Jenny said...

Oh crap. Now I just need to find a way to crash your blog for the next 36 hours.


pokerspice said...

i clicked

Anita said...

I clicked.

Anita(amlong04 from pal)

Anonymous said...

I click on this site (and the others associated with it) every day.


Anonymous said...

Ok Maybe Im stupid But i dont see a yellow button. I just get a comment page. If you tell me what im to do i will do it.

**She did**

Irish Goddess said...

I clicked!