Thursday, August 31, 2006

Medically Speaking

We just got back from the Doctor's a few moments ago. Hurricane is passed out in his room because the whole thing was just exhausting. First flirting with the secretaries, then the waiting room ladies, and the nurses. Then there was the running from the Doctor followed by the biting of the Doctor (which Girl is so jealous of because all she ever did was kick the Doctor in the face and why didn't she think of the biting because that can leave scars and how awesome would that be?).
Since Hurricane was 2 months old he has had a really nasty recurring diaper rash. Yea, I know. I know. Diaper rash, big deal right?
Well, yes. It is. Or it is when it causes your ass to bleed and will not just please to go away thank you very much.
It would fade to a pale pink only to return to it's angry, scaly, bleeding self in a week. We threw out the wipes, slathered him in Nystantin, some other prescription cream and triple paste. We let him run naked which left Cat hating us even more than he had before we brought this thing that likes to pee on him home. We sacrificed goats to the Gods of Diapered Asses. We talked to the rash, trying to convince it of the absolutely amazing places it could go if it would just get off of our son's ass.
Still, it stayed. It ate away at his skin until finally Hurricane just began denying the poop.

Most mornings he would greet me with a smile, then promptly stick his diaper-clad butt in the air and yell "Sstttiiiinnnggkkkeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"
But on those mornings when he would quickly hide his hands behind his back and declare "I no poo-ey", I knew the rash had returned.

There are claw marks on the walls of our hallway where tried to stop the inevitable march to the changing table. Our neighbors asked in concern and not at all hoping to need to call CPS if we were perhaps beating him and wouldn't that explain the screaming they heard?

No. What would explain it, and what would have been nice to know 18 months ago is monumentally simple.

He is allergic to the gel in the diapers.

I left the Doctor's armed with 2 new prescriptions to hopefully (oh please God!) get rid of the infection that has taken over his allergic reaction and the suggestion that we begin cloth diapering.
Yes, we will.

I am annoyed, endlessly, that it took as long as it has to know what was going on. We have been to the Doctor for this very rash 9 times. Each time we were given a prescription for some antifungal ointment and told it would clear up if we just gave it time. It would clear up if we just used all the ointment. It would clear up if we let him run naked for awhile. It would clear up if we stopped using wipes.

But it didn't. And now we know it never would have.

I blame myself more than anything. I should have been more insistent. I should have known that it was something more given his skin issues and mine. I should have sacrificed a chicken instead of a goat.


Unknown said...

You know, my son had a terrible diaper rash for a while and I couldn't figure out how it got there or how to get rid of it. I tried the A&D ointment and letting him run around naked and all of those things, but the rash wouldn't leave.

Then, one day, I ran out of the diaper rash ointment and couldn't get to the store, so, winging it, I put some Vagisil on him...lo and behold, the rash cleared up a short time later! He had a yeast infection. I had no idea that boys could get yeast infections. I think it was to do with the antibiotics he'd been on right before the rash showed up, now that I look back.

This was my first kid so I had no idea what I was doing. Hey, I have two kids now and I still don't know what I am doing! But every time a friend complains about a rash on her kid's bottom that just won't go away, I suggest the Vagisil - it's worked three times now on three different kids. Woo hoo!

Glad you found out what was up with your little one. And don't feel bad - I have not heard of a kid being allergic to diapers before, so I wouldn't have thought of that, either. But you know now and he will feel better and all is well. :-)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame yourself.

I was the same way when hailey had a TERRIBLE UTI. She had 106 degree fever and I still didn't know what was going on. Then after holding her down on the table for a series of catherteriziations the doctor finally figured it out. After all that I looked back at the symptoms and it should have been so simple.

Damn hindsight.

Mrs.X said...

Actually yes, diaper rashes are often candida (yeast infections). Nystantin is usually prescribed for it. It can be from their diet as well.
Given my sensitivity to Latex though, I should have had a clue!