Friday, August 18, 2006

Bite Me Very Much

I read my posts about girl and my problems with her twice. Carefully. I pored over every word just to be sure and now that I am I have to tell you (hateful e-mailer) to kindly kiss my ass. I'll even mark off which acre is all yours.

Not once did I say that I didn't want her or that I hated her.

I admit that I may have read your e-mail wrong as I speak English and by the looks of your e-mail you don't. What else could possibly explain what this 'an u d evn no cuz u d car 2 no is ur fawl' is?

Quite simply, I love my daughter. Yes we're having some problems right now. I'm finding connecting with her a challenge while she changes. But we're working on it.

And if all else fails I'll just leave her at the zoo.


Irishgoddess said...

You are a wonderful mother! There is no question, regarless of what idiotic comments othwerwise try to suggest. You have described nothing that I don't also experience with my 7 year old daughter and my 12 year old son. We are all separate beings, and there are times, especially as they grow and change, that we don't agree, understand each other, or even like each other. That is normal development and life. It does not mean that we don't love our children. In fact, if we didn't love our children, it wouldn't bother us that we don't always understand them or get alone with them.

Jenny said...

Uck. I've had a few of those vicious illiterate trolls attack me. Congratulations. You haven't made it as a blogger until you get attacked for now reason whatsoever. (My first one told me how ugly my daughter was...or something like that.) Don't let the trolls get you down. It's amazingly obvious how much you love your daughter.