Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We Now Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Vacation Because OMG! Fuckers!

So what is a really good way to completely fuck up a vacation?

Um. Have your husband 'lose' his wallet at Chucky Cheese On Crack only to find it 6 hours later after someone has taken all of your credit cards, cash and ATM card.


I hope they use it. Because we cancelled the cards and filed a report with the police and it's a felony and I want them to get arrested and dammitalltheydeservelifeinprison!

And I had a rainbow colada to make me feel better. And another because it was really good. And since I drink exactly never you get semi-drunk blogging and lots of swearing and it's taken me exactically 43 minutes to type this because I have to keep going back or you'll see something more like thiskdf andhi if t dont harfly ,mmmmmmakeee sdenbhse. And I keep forgetting that you are there and I am typiing and OMG I had to cancel all of our fucking credit cards because Fuckers!!

I heart Rainbow Coladas.

That is all.

*Except for OMG poor spell check. I think I maybe broke it. Maybe I should buy it some Coladas too. Mmmmm Captain Morgan's Rum........

**And also except for OMG! What the holy hell people? I have had 8 people find me in the last 2 months by tyoing in "I have worms in me".
Jeebus! Stop putting worms in yourself! I recommend trying alcohol instead.


Irishgoddess said...

That sucks! Chucky Cheese sucks anyway. They limit the amount of beer you can buy to two, and we all know you need way more than that to handle being in that germ infested, kid crying, wallet stealing enviornment.

I hope they use your cards and get caught - and as punishment, they'll have to spend eternity in Chucky Cheese with no alcohol! True hell!

Katie (PAL) said...

OMG!!!!!!!! I seriously peed my pants reading your post! Could also be caused by being pregnant, but I digress!

HOping that the f**kers get what they deserve!

PS - Do they make virgin rainbowcoladas? If so, hook me up!

Dee said...

Good thing I wasn't drinking a rainbow colada when I read that or it would have come out my nose! Sorry for the crappy luck. My advise: have another.

Mrs.X said...

I am thankful I managed to skip the hangover. Woo-hoo!
But I was surprised to come here and see this because I kind of thought I was dreaming. Oops!