Thursday, June 29, 2006

Please Tell Me She Snores.

The Girl had her martial arts thing today. Hurricane and I sat off to the side, half watching. Mostly he tried to run out there and join her.

Finally I gave up trying to hold him back and strapped him to his high chair. For my effort I was treated to the Glare and Growl. I say growl but really? It's funny. Unless you've seen The Grudge, Then not so much. Because you know the part where the wet misshapen Asian girl opens her mouth and makes that guttural noise? Hurricane does an excellent impression that sends ice water down my spine.

In an effort to distract him I ran my fingers up and down his back through the fabric of the umbrella stroller. He is so very ticklish and his back is one of the worst spots.

He squealed and his eyes got wide.

I did it again.

He jumped and laughed. I started laughing too and then it happened.

I snorted.

Yes. I sometimes snort when I laugh. In fact, if I'm really laughing, there's going to be a snort in there somewhere.

Most of the time I can disguise it. Or it's soft enough that no one notices.

This was not one of those times. This was one of those times that one of those 'perfect' moms had to be nearby and of course heard me. And laughed and of course told her equally perfect husband who looked at me and smirked.

She was lean, platinum blonde, perfect teeth, manicured nails and impeccably dressed.

The type that makes me feel as though I've been playing in my mother's makeup.

And I snort when I laugh. Dork.


Jay said...

I'm sure it's more endearing than you know.

Cathy said...

O.k., I just found you via julia's blog, but I had to tell you that I snort too! And it's apparently a genetic thing -- my little four year old daughter snorted recently while laughing hysterically and I almost fell over. I wasn't sure whether to mourn for her or celebrate with her. She, of course, being four and all, thought it was great. Oh, and I also cry when I laugh really hard too. Nice combination, snorting and crying. :)

Mrs.X said...

Endearing. I think I'll tell Mr X that the next time he laughs at my snort.
If I really get going I hiccup and snort. It's awful really. But I'm glad I'm not the only one. Now, if only I could refrain from doing it in public!

Jessica said...

Just remember YEARS from now she will be old, ugly and not now how to REALLY enjoy herself when she laughs.
YOU howeve will still be snorting away at the funny things your grown beauties and their children do!