Thursday, March 02, 2006

Shopping With A Toddler

Need a workout? Borrow a toddler!
****I do not recommend randomly picking up a toddler at the mall as this will likely freak out the parents and get you beaten with a stroller.****
I took Hurricane to a book store today. I wanted to pick up What your Child Needs to Know For 2nd Grade or something like that. It was a small store, not in the mall (yay!) and there were no shopping carts. Shopping carts; the great cages on wheels. They've become vital to shopping as that is the only way to keep Hurricane in one place for more than 2 seconds.
I spent most of my time chasing Hurricane, trying to distract him with a book, telling him to stop begging strangers for cookies and keeping him from sneaking out the door.
I think I grabbed the right title although I can't be sure. I haven't looked. I may very well have grabbed the Kama Sutra 101 that was on the next shelf. Or How Not to Spill Taco Goop All Over Your Clothing (if there is no such book, there should be one and I would buy it because my clothes? They love the taco goop).
given Hurricane's ability to teletransport, it was an exhausting trip. At one point I had to pull him out of a bin of sale books. I almost walked by him but then he started yelling 'DAR' (he does this all. the. time. at home in order to 'scare' me). I turned around and there he was. Happily eating a board book (yes I bought it and in case you were wondering, Elmo board books taste better than The Wiggles board books based on how many Hurricane has eaten and spit out).
I think this counts as a workout.

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