Friday, December 02, 2005

Guess What I did Today!!

Go on, you'll never guess.....

I went shopping!! I know, you never saw that coming right? Honestly this really is unusual for me because I rarely go shopping, but it is Christmas. There is something about Christmas that makes my Mastercard hate me.
I had to go to Borders to get a gift card and they had all these bargain kid's books. Harold and the Purple Crayon! 50% off! And then a stationary set for Girl X's teacher.....
I love shopping.
Baby X loves the flirting. I caught him feeling up the nice clerk who was helping me with some books. Just running his hand up and down her leg.
I'm lucky she had a sense of humor.
And I still have nothing for Mr X.
I need some ideas! So I'm going to ask you and I know you're watching....

What are you getting your significant others for the Holidays?


NervousKitty said...

Bwah! I love the flirty baby X story!

I *think* I'm getting Andy this remote-control airplane he wants. I have to look around - he says he wants one called a "foamy"? Who knows. I think we're going on vacation this winter so we're trying to go relatively inexpensive for Christmas.

mr_g said...

I don't know what to get my wife. I hate this time of year because of the gift obligatoins. Growing up we only bought gifts for the kids at Chanukah...maybe little things for the adults, but nothing major. My wife's family -not Jewish - all end up sending each other gifts. Personally, I think we spend way too much on that stuff. I'll never get it.

Mrs.X said...

Usually I make him something. An album or something.
And I did make him something this year. I just want to get him something he can sit back and relax to. Something he'll like.
We usually do secret santa with the siblings and set a pretty low limit.