Friday, August 26, 2005

Baby X- 1, Cat- 0

I was doing laundry and I had Baby X sitting in the laundry basket. He was playing patiently while I finished up. Our Cat was munching his Meow mix on top of the laundry table happily swishing his tail over the edge. We put his bowl up there so he'd be safe from the dog while eating. Dog never wants to hurt the cat, he just thinks it's fun to sneak up on him and watch him jump 5 feet.
Swish, swish went his tail. Just enough to cath baby X's eye. I saw my little angel get a wicked little grin and hunker down. He looked a like cat stalking it's prey.
"Uh-oh Cat. Better move."

Cat looks at me with his bored 'I don't have time to speak to the likes of you' look.

Too late.




Followed by my little angels hysterical laughing.

I don't think they're friends anymore.


ghartstein said...

The fact that he thought it was funny is pretty funny...

madman said...

LOL--you need to video this stuff! Your words are wonderful--but some of my co-workers can't read!

Mrs.X said...

Mr G- He was quite pleased with himself. I still giggle when I think of it.

Madman- Thanks! And I do tape him when I can, but those moments can be hard to catch!