Friday, August 19, 2005

As if they needed further proof that we're crazy.........

This requires a bit of explanation so please bear with me.
Mr X has been growing hair these past few years where before, there wasn't any. Ex: the middle of his forhead. There is this random lone hair that keeps returning no matter how many times I pluck it while he's sleeping. Ok, go ahead and call me mean. I know I am. While I'm at it, I'll admit that I pluck chest hairs to get him to stop snoring. He knows it. It never fully wakes him, just makes him roll over. It works. Yes. I am very mean. That is a story for another day.
Today, it's all about the random hair.
Baby X has been getting those random hairs. No, I don't pluck them. He, like many newborns, had the furriest of elfin ears I'd ever seen. Thick black hair on the top of his ears. Eventually, it fell out.
Then there was the eyebrow. It was pale so really hard to see, but there it was. This one random hair that stuck straight out from the others. It was like a little exclamation point, "here I am! I'm adorable! Love me! Feed me!"
I loved that little hair. I couldn't bring myself to cut it even though I knew I should. It wasn't in his eye, yet, but it was pretty long.
For some reason, every time I'd pick up the scissors to do it, I couldn't. Baby X would look at me with those big blue eyes and smile and I had to put the scissors down.

The other night I noticed it was getting in his eye. Unfortunately, I couldn't put it off anymore. Mr X held his hands and I cut the little exclamation point.

Now the part where we're nuts..................

It's now taped into his baby book.

Someday he is going to open that book and wonder what we were thinking.


As always... Rachael said...

I'm not gonna judge you... I saved the umblical cord stubs wehn they fell off... complete with date and time, adn why it fell off. Hannah's took 5 days, because she's a girl was incapable of peeing on it as often as a baby would like. Holden's took 3 days... he was premature and his winkie damned near reached his belly button... so he kept it nice and wet. Nigel was right in the middle, 4 days, and again, it fell off because no amount of rubbing alcohol can "dry it out" when the baby pisses on it every three minutes.

That rogue hair is precious... and no one will htink you're nutty!

(my kids all had furry ears too! And one was born with back hair and a uni-brow!)

Mrs.X said...

It's good to know we're not alone!
I think he had more hair on his ears than on his head.
I couldn't tell you when his cord fell off. One day it was there and the next it wasn't. I claim severe sleep deprivation.